Two-Way Mobile Health Information Exchange at the Point of Care

iBlueButton Professional lets you receive on your iPad up to date medical history transmitted by your patients' iBlueButton app after being securely downloaded onto their mobile devices from Blue Button enabled payer and other patient portals or received from other provider EMRs by the Direct transmit protocol. A 2-way mobile exchange platform, iBlueButton allows you to transmit back to your patient a visit summary, patient instructions, referral note and images or videos.

Patient Safety – Care Coordination – Convenience

iBlueButton Professional displays on one single dashboard a 3-year medical history received from your Medicare patients with: problem and medication lists, detailed encounters, test and procedures history, and complete provider contact information. The app also lets you receive other providers EMR Record Summaries received by your patients on their Direct enabled iBlueButton app. Warning pop-up windows alert you of patient’s noted possible medication side effects to facilitate drug reconciliation or patient self-entered OTC medications or medical conditions.

A Blue Button+ patient trust bundle registered application, iBlueButton is a mobile application endpoint enabling patients to receive their health information from any EMR certified for MU-2 V/D/T, enabling MU eligible physicians and hospitals to more easily meet MU-1 and MU-2 patient engagement requirements.