Data Holders

Patient Engagement and Consumer-Mediated Exchange
Anytime – Anywhere

iBlueButton is a mobile health information exchange solution to better engage patients, plan enrollees and employees and insure more cost-effective health care in filling gaps left by other health information exchange solutions. Unlike query-based systems or provider direct exchange, iBlueButton users are empowered as direct connectors to their Blue Button and other records for them to View, Download, or receive directly on their device new providers HER summary sent by Direct. iBlueButton is an interactive tool for individuals to review, research, and annotate their records with the ability to Transmit these records right from their mobile devices, when needed at the point of care.

Public and Private Payers

Empower your program beneficiaries and plan enrollees with a mobile life saving and care coordination solution for more cost-effective healthcare. A dual app system for patients and providers to use at the time of a physical encounter or during a telemedicine session.

EMRs and HIEs

iBlueButton will accelerate both Patient Engagement and Health Information Exchange to help you meet MU-1 and MU-2 patient engagement requirements through the use of your patients mobile devices running the consumer app. The patient app enables patient-controlled automated access, download, or receipt of a Blue Button or C-CDA record generated by a provider EMR or HIE system, or via the Humetrix Direct Blue Button+ server. A Blue Button+ patient trust bundle registered application, iBlueButton is a mobile application endpoint enabling patients to receive their health information from any EMR certified for MU-2 V/D/T or other Blue Button+ compliant data source.


Empower and incentivise your employees with a mobile care coordination and patient safety tool for use anytime and anywhere they receive care. iBlueButton is a powerful patient engagement and disease prevention tool for use under ACA.